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Our organization is committed to promoting mental health awareness and providing resources for individuals to improve their mental well-being. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can openly discuss their struggles and receive the necessary support and guidance to lead fulfilling lives

Our safe environment has created a community which offers respect, inclusiveness, and empowerment.

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Why Do We Use Dogs to Help People?

Dogs are used to help people with disabilities because they possess exceptional abilities that can make people’s lives much easier. For example, dogs can be trained to perform specific tasks, such as guiding individuals who are visually impaired, alerting individuals who are deaf to specific sounds, and assisting individuals with mobility impairments. Dogs can also provide emotional support to people struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They can also help individuals with developmental disabilities to improve their communication and socialization skills by providing a calming presence and helping them to feel more comfortable in social situations. In short, dogs are incredible companions and can benefit people with disabilities.

Dogs are often used for therapy work because they have a calming and comforting effect on humans. The presence of a friendly dog can help reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure and even help with depression. Dogs are also very social animals, which makes them great at engaging and interacting with people. Additionally, therapy dogs are trained to follow commands and respond gently to different individuals, making them a safe and reliable source of comfort.


Why Do We Use Horses to Make Connections With People?

Horses are used in therapy work because interacting with them can be a highly therapeutic and calming experience for many individuals. Equine-assisted therapy is especially effective for people with physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities. Horses can mirror human emotions and provide immediate feedback, which can be helpful for people working through issues related to socialization, anxiety, or emotional regulation. Additionally, working with horses can provide a sense of accomplishment and improve self-esteem as individuals build relationships and learn new skills while caring for and interacting with these majestic animals.


Canine Training Programs

Equine-Assisted Learning

Horses 4 Heroes

Equine-Assisted Learning facilitates educational, personal, and professional growth by developing social/emotional and life skills through horsemanship. Participants work under the direction of a life coach and expert horse handler who help them carry out ground tasks such as grooming, leading, and exercises that promote the human-animal bond.

Through experiential learning, participants develop trust, confidence, critical thinking skills, self-esteem, and socialization. Studies have shown that development is suspended in children when they suffer from trauma at the age they were exposed to that trauma.

Equine-assisted learning helps to bridge the gap and allows adolescents to develop those life skills in a fun and educational way. Individuals with PTS, like horses, face ongoing concerns about trust and safety. Participants in EAL with PTS have benefited from increased self-awareness, reduced anxiety, and improved communication.


Some Therapists Have 4 Paws.

Recognizing the importance of animals in the health and well-being of our community, Rebel Ranch has strived to become a leader in animal therapies. Our programs have positively affected others by creating a safe environment that fosters growth and community.

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Another great organization that gives so much back to the community and veteran group. If you haven’t checked them out, you need to. Dave and Ben are class acts

Sammie Persichilli Customer

Paws4Success is a great company! Thankyou, David, for your outstanding knowledge and customer service. Your training is second to none. Wishing you all the success!!! Highly recommended!!

Dan Gannon Customer

Great company with an objective to help people through the use of trained dogs. Amazing group of giving, charitable people.

Sue Parreco Brunsmann Customer


Rebel Ranch is a leading organization in mental health awareness and providing resources for individuals to improve their lives. We are looking for great partners to work with us. Reach out for more information about how we can work together

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